Blogger test for moBlog on Windows Mobile 2003se

Testing a program called moBlog on my HP Windows Mobile 2003se device. So far post is okay but retrieve does not work.

Yamaha FZS600

Since the 31st March 2007 I now own another bike, the Yamaha FZS600.I bought it up in Bridlington which is not far from Squires Cafe from a mate and rode it all the way back here a total distance of 251 miles.

Before that I had an Kawasaki ER5 which is no longer made, replaced with the ER6. The ER5 had pretty rubbish brakes as the back was drum.
I really like the ER5, so much so I had a red one before this restricted.

Now I prefer the fazer, low seat and excellent brakes. If you own one check out Fazer Owners Club.

While learning to ride I had a Kawasaki KH125 which gave me a few problems and I lost confidence in. The main was the 6 volt battery which stopped charging and failed me on my test. I then got a Susuki GS125 which was a real rat bike which I pasted my test on, I really liked this one but replaced it with the GSX250 which was sold to me with an electrical problem. I sold it honest with the problem and someone wanting to build up their NCB bought it. I then found my first ER5 (red).

Test Post from Windows Live

A test post from windows Live Writer.

What is this? Well you can submit posts from Windows Live Writer on your desktop.

The death of Geocities UK

Since the death of Geocities UK around 2009 I haven't got around to re-hosting my website which was mainly about motorcycles and motorcycle events. I did think about Blogging as a lot of the content was comments, reviews and photos. So I am giving Blogger a go particularly as it is free and easy to update.