Testing from Opera on WM2003se

The program moBlog no longer appears to work so this is a test using the Opera 5.1.21595 browser on my HP iPaq hx2410 running Windows Mobile 2003se. It is important to note that I as far as I know Opera is not being developed for WM2003 but despite this it is very stable and the Opera Link works.

For those not familiar with Opera there is an Opera Link option which allows you to keep bookmarks, notes ...etc. on a central server so that you can get to these from any computer or device using Opera. With WM2003se you don't see all the bookmarks because it is Opera Mini so has it's own sub-menu which can be seen from say your PC. Opera on Symbian can see everything too.

To be fair moBlog never appeared to retrieve posts but you could add a new one (see a previous blogg post). This is not a major problem as the program is no longer being developed for the WM2003.

From this post you can tell that the iPaq has been reinstated. This is because I have not been a great fan of the way Symbian displays the calendar information on the home screen. For example a memo will only appear on the day and not shown the day before. With WM2003 there is a calendar plus plug-in which can show as many days as you want in advanced even an all-day events (basically a Symbian memo).

I also invested in a new battery which is giving me better play time before charging. Last year I did get a car charger for it again through eBay for a few quid which has been very handy.