The Original Amazon Fire HD

This was a Christmas present from 2012 from my wife. I have had if nearly a year so this is what I think of it so far. First some back ground, I have a laptop and a smart phone so this was really a quick device to check email, Facebook, Twitter and surf the web.

Over the months I removed checking email and calendar as I can do this on my phone but the kindle for me has become a tv watching and games device.

I do use it with Evernote.

Overall a good device. The only downside is most of the apps appear not to be specifically written for the Kindle but just happen to work. The other issue is your account is with Amazon and not google even if you setup a google email account. This means any app which says it can sync to google can't because if will not find an account.

The display and sound is brilliant so using it with BBC iPlayer, and games are a must.

With the Amazon Kindle Fire HDx coming soon the price of the Kindle Fire HD is coming down.