10,000 is the number of cups the UK gets through in just two minutes

After seeing Hugh’s War On Waste continues on the coffee cup you get from places like Costa which like so many people I assumed they could be all or at least part recycled but NO!  This is due to the lining, there is only one place in the UK which can deal with these but the big three (Costa, Starbucks & Caffe Nero) do not use them despite originally implying on their website that their cups were recyclable. I am disappointed with Costa as this is a UK company. Until things change I will think twice about having a takeaway cup and will opt for bringing one which can be filled. Here is an article on the BBC website about this: 10,000 is the number of cups the UK gets through in just two minutes.

It appears the US are/were having a similar problem though the article talks a lot about the UK and dates back to 2014 - This paper cup can be recycled -- unlike the 50 billion that end up in landfills (The image above was taken from this website).

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More updates soon. I have  been caught up with life.

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